PuriCare — станция для утилизации подстилки клеток мелких животных, Labconco

PuriCare — станция для утилизации подстилки клеток мелких животных, Labconco
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Модель: PuriCare Bedding Disposal
Производитель: Labconco

The PuriCare Bedding Disposal Station provides a convenient, mobile system for disposing of used small animal bedding. Three-feet wide station fits easily in cramped spaces. Its spacious access opening provide for free range of motion and its large receptacle accommodates large rat or hamster cages as well as smaller mice cages. The large waste container holds 40-gallon standard-size trash bags that require less frequent disposal. The platform on casters locks securely to the waste container for easy transport.

The PuriCare Bedding Disposal Station protects the operator from airborne particulates generated during bedding disposal operation. Room air is drawn into the front of the enclosure, preventing aerosols from escaping into the room. Before leaving the enclosure, 100% of the air passes through a prefilter to trap large particles and then through an exhaust HEPA filter, protecting the environment. A top-mounted, disposable activated carbon and alumina exhaust filter removes odors and other gaseous contaminants.

  • Aerodynamic stainless steel air foil to direct airflow into the enclosure to ensure containment.
  • Rear baffle to optimize airflow and distribute air evenly across the work area
  • Interior upper panel to protect the prefilter and HEPA filter
  • Large 12" square receptacle with extruded plastic protective trim ring
  • Large 44 gallon, industrial strength, NSF-Listed waste container
  • High density polyethylene waste container platform with 3" diameter casters
  • Large 34.5" wide x 15.3" high access opening
  • Large 5" diameter, non-marking polyurethane casters with brakes for mobility
  • Two-light filter condition indicator
  • Easily accessible front-mounted light and blower switches
  • 99.99% efficient HEPA exhaust filter
  • Economical, disposable exhaust prefilter
  • Top-mounted, activated carbon and alumina exhaust filter to adsorb odors and other gaseous contaminants
  • Variable speed blower with solid state control
  • 20-watt fluorescent light
  • Type 304 stainless steel interior sides, back, upper panel, rear baffle and work surface
  • Durable glacier white epoxy-coated, 18 gauge steel exterior
  • Full three year warranty on parts and labor
  • ETL listed (115 volt models)
  • CE Conformity Mark (230 volt models)
  • International electrical configuration
  • Replacement 40 Gallon Waste Container
  • Replacement Waste Container Platform with Casters
  • Replacement Activated Carbon with Alumina Exhaust Filter
  • Replacement Pleated Particulate Exhaust Prefilter


PuriCare №3840020 — станция для утилизации подстилки клеток мелких животных
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